Paper in a nutshell: Accelerometers, Machine Learning, and Behaviour

A great new paper from a former ASLC graduate student, Courtney Shuert, who is now working on her PhD in the UK. In this paper, Courtney shares how scientists can use emerging technology like accelerometers to better understand the behavior of wild animals!

Studying Seals

Shuert, C. R., Pomeroy, P. P., & Twiss, S. D. (2018). Assessing the utility and limitations of accelerometers and machine learning approaches in classifying behaviour during lactation in a phocid seal. Animal Biotelemetry, 6(1), 14. [Open Access]

New technology to study behaviour

Welcome to the 21st century – technology is quickly evolving. Our phones are now more powerful than the computers that took us to the Moon. At the touch of our hands, we can track every meal we eat, every ride we take, and track our activity and get reminders to stay active – “We’ve noticed you’ve only taken 5,000 steps today, how about you get up and go for a walk?” pings across your smart phone or watch. Ever wonder how it knows that you just spent 3 hours watching Netflix?

One of the things that I’ve been looking into over the last…

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